Insemination catheter

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  • Medical device class I sterile
Largely excludes technical interference factors in artificial insemination. Artificial... more
Product information

Largely excludes technical interference factors in artificial insemination.

Artificial insemination is a successful route to conception for many childless couples. The success rate depends on many different factors

medesign lnsemination Catheter largely exclude technical interference factors. They have a length of 20 cm, two lateral openings, 10 mm from the rounded tip and a mark for the optimal intrauterine position.

Dilatation of the cervix prior to insertion of the medesign lnsemination Catheter is almost never required: diameter, flexibility and stiffness are optimally matched.

The Luerkonus guarantees a secure fit on any commercially available disposable syringe. The wing-shaped attachment allows quasi-optical positioning of the two lateral openings in the direction of the fallopian tubes.

Further information

The insemination catheter is individually sterile packed.
Length: 230 mm
Outer diameter: 2.60 mm
Inner diameter: 2.20 mm
Cannula diameter: 1.10 mm
Catheter volume: 0.35 mm


1 insemination catheter

1 disposable syringe, 10ml