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There is a herb for almost every ailment. With good reason, medicinal plants have... more
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There is a herb for almost every ailment.

With good reason, medicinal plants have accompanied people for thousands of years. The aromatic friends from nature help against ghosts and other evils. And last but not least, they are able to increase well-being with their delicious variety. According to old traditions and especially to the experience of midwives and naturopaths, herbal teas can also pave the way for the desire to have children.

It is estimated that about one in six couples remain childless. Experts see one of the main reasons for this in the increasing age of potential parents. The older the woman, the less likely she is to conceive. But the man's biological clock is also ticking, because sperm count and quality decline with increasing age. Many potential parents use herbal tea blends for support. Whether tea really helps remains a secret of nature.

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Brew two teaspoons of mixture with about 200 ml of boiling water. Let steep for about 10 minutes, strain and drink two to three cups daily for at least 4 weeks.

Lady's mantle herb, deadnettle herb with flowers, groundsel herb, stork's beak, goldenrod herb, nettle leaves, pansies


Alchemilla vulgaris Lamium album Glechoma hederacea Geranium robertianum Solidago gigantea Urtica dioica Viola tricolor