Fembowls vaginal balls

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Are the best help for successful stimulation and training of the pelvic floor muscles.... more
Product information

Are the best help for successful stimulation and training of the pelvic floor muscles.

Vaginal acupressure with stimulation of the vagina and the entire pelvic floor muscles is done by means of the Fembowls. These hollow double balls have a diameter of about 34 mm and are filled with a steel ball, which stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and the whole vagina with every movement. The double balls are covered with a protective coating to make the application as comfortable as possible.

Since numerous acupuncture meridians run through the vagina, there is continuous acupressure of this sensitive area. The pelvic floor muscles are brought to a reflex contraction by the gentle stimulation. This gentle stimulation strengthens the sensitive pelvic floor muscles and results in a general feeling of well-being for women of all ages.

The Fembowls should be used for approximately 30 minutes daily to achieve a sufficient stimulation effect. The Fembowls are supplied as a complete set with Ladysoft lubricant.

Further informationTechnical

Material: Hollow double balls made of plastic with an elastomed coating and filled with a steel ball. The retrieval cord is also completely covered with elastomed.
Size: two balls with a diameter of approx. 34 mm each