Femcon Plus vaginal cones

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By actively training the female pelvic floor muscles with Femcon® Plus - vaginal cones,... more
Product information

By actively training the female pelvic floor muscles with Femcon® Plus - vaginal cones, manifest stress incontinence can be successfully treated.

Many women secretly suffer from involuntary leakage of urine without any feeling of urge to urinate. This manifest stress incontinence can be treated very successfully: With active pelvic floor exercises, supported by Femcon® Plus - vaginal cones.

Femcon® Plus is a set of five tampon-shaped vaginal cones of ascending weight which, after insertion into the vagina, rest on the pelvic floor and must now be actively held. A retrieval string allows for easy removal after exercise. The standard set, which every woman should start with to achieve optimal training success, contains 5 uniform vaginal cones weighing 20, 32.5, 45, 57 and 70 g.

Starting with the lightest Femcon, cones of higher weight are used as the training effect increases. For women who have already trained with the standard set and want to train the pelvic floor muscles further, there are individual Femcon® Plus - vaginal cones with the weight of 80 g.

Only the use of Femcon® Plus gives the affected women an active feeling for the weakened muscles and lets them feel the success immediately.

Femcon® Plus is clinically tested and has success rates of over 60%.

Further information

Material: conical metal core with plastic coating and perlon thread

Hard plastic