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For the detection of pelvic obliquity. Chronic back pain can have a simple cause: Pelvic... more
Product information

For the detection of pelvic obliquity.

Chronic back pain can have a simple cause: Pelvic obliquity resulting from a leg length discrepancy. The resulting misalignment of the spine remains compensated for a long time, since a possible leg length difference is largely compensated by means of central neuromuscular reflex control through corrective shifting of the center of gravity, but the tilted pelvis results in altered dynamic processes.

Against this background, the systematic search for a pelvic obliquity is of central importance in all patients with chronic back pain. The pelvic balance was developed and implemented for this purpose. In a single examination, the lateral localization and extent of leg shortening can be determined.

Leg length differences of more than 1 cm should be completely or partially compensated for by appropriate shoe adjustment in order to correct pelvic obliquity and its consequences.

Further informationThe

pelvic scale is placed on the pelvic crests with the two swivel arms from dorsal or ventral and held in this position with equal pressure on both sides. Tare out the balance beam. In the case of pelvic obliquity, the leg length difference is indicated by an interface between the balance beam and the scale section. The value determined is the basis for the required compensation.