Spelt husk pillow

Made in Germany
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  • MED1000389
  • 4250201212399
  • Medical device class I
The spelt husk pillow is suitable as a natural source of heat and cold for various... more
Product information

The spelt husk pillow is suitable as a natural source of heat and cold for various applications.

As a heat pillow, it is a "dry hot water bottle". The spelt seeds give off the heat stored in them evenly over a long period of time and have a soothing effect. Due to the special structure and adaptability, the body is relieved, supported, the muscles relaxed and the blood circulation stimulated. The spelt husk pillow promotes relaxation and can have a soothing effect on back problems, sleeping difficulties, headaches, vein problems, varicose veins, rheumatism or arthritis. But also as a practical transportable heat source, a natural heat pad is more suitable than water-filled hot water bottles, because it nestles comfortably to the body and keeps the heat more durable. For example, as a lasting heat reservoir in the stroller, on the car seat, in bed or when relaxing on the sofa after a walk on cold days. Where heat is out of place, the pillow can also serve as a cold source: Stored for some time in the refrigerator or freezer, the pillow is also suitable as a cold pack, e.g. for swelling, headaches or simply to cool down.

Further information

Cover: Cotton 100%
Filling: Spelt husk