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  • MED1001347
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  • Medical device class I
The bedding pillow is soft and stabilizing and suitable for young and old. Available with a... more
Product information

The bedding pillow is soft and stabilizing and suitable for young and old. Available with a filling of spelt husk or soft wool pellets.

Our bones and muscles often hold themselves in unnatural postures during the day. Tension is the result. These comfortable, naturally filled positioning aids from medesign offer a relaxed posture with simultaneous support.

The dimensionally stable positioning pillow is versatile, can be used in different phases of life and for adults, children and babies:
- As a daily, relaxing relief and positioning
- targeted relief of individual body parts (especially abdominal wall and perineum) during or after pregnancy in the supine or side position
- comfortable side position during pregnancy
- ideally suited as a nursing pillow - relieves the arms and shoulders
- upright, relaxed sitting while breastfeeding
- stable positioning of infants in the supine or side position

Further information

Bedding pillow wool pellets:
Small balls are formed from pure new wool in a mechanical process. These wool pellets serve as filling material for the positioning pillow. They have a high bulking power and can be moved against each other. This allows the pillow to be shaped into different forms and "cuddled". Wool pellets can be easily loosened by hand and plucked apart. Thus they remain permanently elastic. They nestle perfectly and behave pleasantly light and quiet when changing the sitting or lying position. With cover.

Spelt husk pillow:
Spelt husk from controlled ecological cultivation, carefully cleaned from dust and foreign bodies. Spelt husk has a soothing effect on tension and back pain, is ideally suited for allergy sufferers, balances heat and moisture and has good air permeability. In addition, it optimally adapts to the shape of the body. Products filled with spelt husk should be aired in the sun as often as possible, as natural products recharge and self-clean themselves in the sun. Unlike soft feather pillows, which lie flat when you sleep, the spelt husk pillow keeps its shape. It supports and relieves the cervical spine. It adapts individually to the sleeper and his posture. It is especially beneficial if the pillow is heated to 40 to 50 degrees before going to bed. The chaff gradually releases the heat and thus eases tension. Since the spelt husks trap a lot of air, the pillows are very breathable. This prevents moisture and heat buildup as with feather pillows. With cover.

Storage pillow cover eco terry cloth:
Natural, soft and cuddly cover made of terry cloth. Not dyed, not bleached.

120 x 35 cm