Maltodextrin 12

Maltodextrin 12
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Maltodextrin refers to a water-soluble carbohydrate mixture produced by hydrolysis of starch... more
Product information

Maltodextrin refers to a water-soluble carbohydrate mixture produced by hydrolysis of starch (poly-a-glucose).

The word maltodextrin is derived from maltose and dextrose: Maltose (= malt sugar) is the dimer of two glucose molecules, while dextrose (= glucose = grape sugar) is a monomer.

Maltodextrin is absorbed more slowly: As a result, there is no sharp rise in blood glucose as with dextrose, for example, which causes a compensatory, excessive insulin release in the body and thus tends to lead to hypoglycemia in the medium term. Maltodextrin 12 has a much lower osmolarity when the same amount of energy (calories) is supplied, i.e. it binds less water to itself. This makes it easier to drink even in a state of physical dehydration ("it doesn't stick like that").

Maltodextrin has a pleasant "neutral" to slightly sweet taste. Because it is water-soluble, it is used to fortify foods with carbohydrates. In water, it forms a sticky, cloudy and viscous mass. It is gluten-free and free of dietary fiber.

Further information

Athletes also appreciate maltodextrin, which they use to make drinks or consume in the form of high-calorie gels. The gels in particular are usually better tolerated under long or heavy exertion (e.g. marathon, cycling race) and can be consumed more easily than energy bars.

Maltodextrin provides the athlete with additional energy before, during or after exercise. Short-, medium- and long-chain carbohydrates cover immediate and longer-term energy needs through staggered release. Highly tolerated. Pre-workout to recharge energy stores or in-between to maintain performance. Maltodextrin 12 is neutral in taste and immediately soluble.

Mix maltodextrin in a little water and add in dissolved form to drinks and meals.

The indicated value indicates the dextrose equivalence and gives information about the length of the sugar chains and the metabolic speed (Malto Dextrin 6: long sugar chains, slower energy output, Malto Dextrin 19: short sugar chains, faster energy output).



Maltodextrin (from corn starch) EN 11-14

Nutritional information
Maltodextrin 12
Average nutritional valuesper 100 g
Energy 1630 kJ / 384 kcal
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 96 g
thereof sugar 3 g
Protein < 0,15 g
Salt 0,001 g