Nursing pads silk / wool

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Offer high absorbency, optimal protection and care during breastfeeding. In addition, the... more
Product information

Offer high absorbency, optimal protection and care during breastfeeding. In addition, the nursing pads are washable and thus represent a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable nursing pads.

Medesign's nursing pads made of bourette silk and wool combine the good properties of two natural fibers to create a very high-quality product that is beneficial to the nursing mother. For example, the healing and pressure-reducing properties of silk are a great boon for pain-sensitive nipples. Since silk does not absorb moisture, but passes it on to the wool layer, nipples and clothing remain dry. The mesh structure of the silk always lets a small stream of air through, which takes the remaining moisture from the nipple. In this way, the nipple is optimally protected from becoming sore.

Medesign's silk / wool / silk nursing pads are suitable for low to medium breast milk flow. The silk on both sides optimally directs the fluid into the wool core, thus preventing moisture from remaining on the breast or milk stains from appearing on clothing.

Medesign's silk / wool / wool nursing pads are particularly suitable for heavy milk flow and at night. The double layer of wool can absorb twice the amount of liquid, while the silk ensures dry breasts and provides optimum protection against sores.

medesign nursing pads with microfibers combine the natural properties of cotton, bourette silk and wool with those of artificial fibers. The thin microfiber fabric is impermeable to liquids, but wicks away vapor so you don't sweat underneath.

Further information

Medesign's nursing pads are made of 100% pure, untreated wool and bourette silk. They are easy to clean by hand washing, making them a high-quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative to conventional disposable nursing pads. The nursing pads are simply washed with a suitable wool detergent in lukewarm water (do not rub strongly, press better).

Size: approx. 14cm
Content: 2 nursing pads each