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The DVD 'Baby Massage' presents massage techniques by Dr. Eva Reich, the application step by... more
Product information

The DVD 'Baby Massage' presents massage techniques by Dr. Eva Reich, the application step by step for adults to practice along with the procedure on a 4 week old baby.

Bioenergetics - also called life energy - is the harmonization of the energy pathways, the balance of body, soul and spirit. In the course of birth, the baby experiences stressful moments again and again. Some births are not so easy, either because they take a long time or because there are complications. The baby gets everything, stress can manifest itself in the body energy.

Baby massage, also called butterfly massage, is a specially developed massage technique based on bioenergetics. It is used to balance stress, harmonization and relaxation. Dr. Eva Reich developed this massage in practical use in the care of newborns in American maternity hospitals. With worldwide success.

Dr. Eva Reich was born in Vienna in 1924 as the elder daughter of Wilhelm Reich, the founder of bioenergetic psychotherapy. She lived in the USA since 1938, where she devoted herself to preventive and therapeutic work around birth for decades.

More informationMassage

helps the infant to physical and emotional well-being and promotes contact between parents and child through touch and actuation.

The butterfly massage is especially recommended after difficult births, during separations and in case of difficulties during the first months of life (flatulence, colic, general restlessness).