Preg Tea Blend

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Supports the preparation of the female organism for pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.... more
Product information

Supports the preparation of the female organism for pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

Getting pregnant, being pregnant - a very special experience in the life of a woman. A change of attitude and, of course, the body. Everything should now be enough for two. Time for relaxation, conscious experience of the change and optimal support through a balanced diet help to enjoy pregnancy vital and healthy.

Medesign's Preg-Tea supports the preparation of the female organism for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It is a tasty and digestible tea made from natural, selected ingredients, which with its natural formula strengthens the body in a healthy way. It is naturally pure without additives and caffeine, and free from any preservatives. Each batch is tested for pesticides and heavy metals.


Per cup, pour boiling water over one lightly heaping teaspoon of Preg-Tea and steep for 5 - 8 minutes. The tea can be served hot or cold. Depending on your taste, you can sweeten your tea with honey, sugar or other sweeteners, or acidify it with apple or lemon juice. For optimal support of the female organism, it is recommended to drink about 3 cups daily from the earliest possible stage of pregnancy.

Further informationPreg-Tea

by medesign is naturally pure and free of preservatives.
Premium quality tested for harmful substances!


Nettle leaves, raspberry leaves, lemon balm leaves, yarrow, fennel, peppermint