Rape seed pillow

Made in Germany
Rapssamenkissen 12x16cm
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Massage and warmth in one for big and small! In addition to the wonderful heat storage, rape... more
Product information

Massage and warmth in one for big and small! In addition to the wonderful heat storage, rape seed pillows have an effective massage effect due to their rounded seed shape, e.g. for children's stomach aches, during pregnancy and also for mobilizing fingers and feet.

The medesign rape seed pillow is a traditional household remedy and its effect is similar to that of a hot water bottle. Therefore, it is often called a "dry hot water bottle". The dry rape seeds inside the pillow are charged with heat and can - compared to a conventional hot water bottle - store and release the heat much longer. The rape seed pillow ideally adapts to the shape of the body and can thus optimally release the heat. In addition, medesign's rape seed pillow has another very pleasant advantage: it is particularly suitable as a massage pillow, e.g. for pregnant women, for general finger and foot massage or for massaging the back and shoulders.

The medesign rape seed pillow can also be used as a cold compress.

It is suitable for applications in gynecology and neurology or for improving sensorimotor function.

Further information

In the oven, the rape seed pillow is heated at a maximum of 100°C. In the microwave (without grill and hot air function => fire hazard!) start with the lowest setting and increase the temperature if necessary until the cushion is pleasantly warm.
(Please refer to the operating instructions of your microwave) If less heat is required, the pillow can also be placed on the heater.

Cold application:
For this purpose, simply cool the rape seed pillow in the refrigerator or freezer to the desired temperature.

Pillow: 100% cotton
Content: dried rape seed