Lanomed Nipple Care

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100% pure natural lanolin for the care and protection of nipples, especially for nursing... more
Product information

100% pure natural lanolin for the care and protection of nipples, especially for nursing mothers as well as athletes.

The nipples and areolas have a sensitive skin and nerve structure. They need attentive care, especially during higher stress. Especially during pregnancy, for nursing mothers, but also for athletes and women after menopause, natural lanolin helps to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the nipples.

Lanomed by medesign

helps in two ways: on the one hand, Lanomed replaces the lost skin oils, for example during breastfeeding, but also through sporting stress or frequent showering and washing. On the other hand, it forms a natural evaporation barrier when used regularly. The moisture of the sensitive skin areas is preserved and the nipples and areolas remain supple and tender. Lanomed by medesign protects the uppermost skin layer of the nipples and atria from drying out, for example during breastfeeding. When used regularly, Lanomed replaces the natural skin oils and maintains the moisture balance of the delicate skin. Thus, skin irritations are avoided and the sensitive skin areas are sustainably protected.

Further informationLanomed

regularly on the nipples and atria spread and gently massage. Lanomed is a 100% natural product made from sheep's wool, free from chemical or other additives. It can be left on the breast during breastfeeding without hesitation and can be used for long periods of time.


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